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Wealth Seminar 0314 Re-Cap

Thank you to all who attended our Inspire Me Series Seminar on Financial Wealth! Our awesome sponsors contributed greatly: Crystal Carter of Tastefully Simple, Sheree Boyd of It Works and Marjorie Roth of In a Pickle & DoTerra Oils.

Our roundtable (or square- to be technical) was engaging and stimulating. The personal testimonies were inspiring and the potential for each person to achieve their goal is real and on a forward track. We spoke of the pitfalls of what holds us back and then shared the simple tools that will provide the wisdom to move towards the higher vision. It is not about accumulating possessions that make one wealthy, it is achieving a new point of view that creates exponential possibilities and allows you to recognize the resources around you.

I referenced an egg project that came from a time when I was young and an awesome elementary school teacher challenged us to think our way creatively through a project. We were given an uncooked egg and a hodgepodge of materials we could choose from. We had 30 minutes and the task was to create something to protect the egg from a 3-story fall. And Go! We must have been around 8 years old and lacking in true engineering skills, but out of the chaos came big, bold ideas. In just 30 minutes, there were unique solutions to one common problem and once executed… most were successful! What I learned then and what still surprises me, is that we all have the tools to make anything happen! Here’s what  you should keep in mind:

  • Know the EXACT vision of what you want the result to be
  • Use the resources of what you currently have NOW – don’t wait until what you think you will need comes to you… you have everything you need NOW
  • Plan and Do and have courage that you WILL SUCCEED
  • Make mistakes and learn from them
  • Do things efficiently … don’t waste time or money
  • Set a deadline or due date for all your goals
  • You will succeed faster if you engage the right people and have them on your team
  • Don’t let lack of knowledge hold you back … stay creative and learn
  • Have FUN

Our group even decided to create an ArtInspired Wealth Group! It will be facilitated on Facebook but may be expanded as we grow… to join our “secret” group simply email and state your intention in joining our team 🙂


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Intention for 3/22/14

The topic of Financial Wealth may be the trickiest of all topics we will approach in our series. This is our 3rd installment and already the task to tackle a complex subject is underway. We welcome you if you haven’t already attended one of our series… here are the intentions for the seminar:

  • Help attendees recognize value, pride and ways to increase wealth rapidly
  • Ability to secure great advantages
  • What to steer away from
  • Peace of mind when making important decisions
  • Track progress of growing wealth
  • Efficient behaviors of wealthy and principled individuals
  • How to create and not compete
  • Riches for the greater good

And more…

Curious about our seminar? Contact Marilen at or call 757-768-9033 for more information. Thank you for your support in our program.

Inspire Me Series by ArtInspired
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The ArtInspired Center
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Time: 3:30pm – 6:30pmCost: $35/person … includes special worksheets and access to more resources