Intention for 3/22/14

The topic of Financial Wealth may be the trickiest of all topics we will approach in our series. This is our 3rd installment and already the task to tackle a complex subject is underway. We welcome you if you haven’t already attended one of our series… here are the intentions for the seminar:

  • Help attendees recognize value, pride and ways to increase wealth rapidly
  • Ability to secure great advantages
  • What to steer away from
  • Peace of mind when making important decisions
  • Track progress of growing wealth
  • Efficient behaviors of wealthy and principled individuals
  • How to create and not compete
  • Riches for the greater good

And more…

Curious about our seminar? Contact Marilen at or call 757-768-9033 for more information. Thank you for your support in our program.

Inspire Me Series by ArtInspired
(757) 768-9033 /

The ArtInspired Center
124 Production Drive, Yorktown, VA 23693

Time: 3:30pm – 6:30pmCost: $35/person … includes special worksheets and access to more resources


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