Month: February 2014


Ah, TIME MANAGEMENT… one of the most perplexing subjects we have ever had to prepare for. This will be a very engaged seminar as we dissect all the pieces of what time is, how we use it, how we waste it, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY how we can use it to our ADVANTAGE. Here are the points we are seeking to address:

  • The best way to envision time
  • How to avoid mistakes with time
  • Best practices on how to achieve a goal at the fastest speed
  • Eliminating time wasters
  • How to recognize the best path to take when time is limited

and more!! If you are interested, please register online ( or just show up at the door. The cost is only $35/person and includes helpful worksheets, guides and FREE advice and follow-ups. Light refreshments will be available.

*** Why our series are different than normal talks on these subjects … READ HERE ***

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014
3:30pm – 6:30pm

The ArtInspired Center, 124 Production Drive, Yorktown, VA 23693
(757) 768-9033 /

022214 IMS 001



Thanks to all that attended our 1st ever INSPIRE ME SERIES program last month! We revealed the new vocabulary list that will be a huge part of the monthly seminar. Having that understanding leads to a better engagement of the knowledge we are presenting. It is about the PRINCIPLES that we need to be aware of… the principle of the greatest universal power there is… no matter what your beliefs or religious ideal, the principle remains the same. We spoke of other words and we handed out a starter binder filled with pages of new ways to recognize words like MANIFEST, VISION, FREQUENCY and more! We had a great time and attendance was awe inspiring. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors: IT WORKS {Glenda Watson 757-771-4042 & Sheree Boyd 757-218-4023}, MARY KAY {Wanda Slate 757-921-2487}, HARVEST OF HEALTH & DoTerra OILS {Marjorie Roth 757-759-9817}, PINK ZEBRA {Dana Petersen 757-535-4863}, HAPPY SEEDS SUPER FOODS {Michele Star 757-879-7928}, and NYR ORGANIC {Brandi Ward 757-846-0082}.

Helpful link for VISION BOARD making: